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Meet the Team

Meet the people behind Creator Camp!

Meleisha Edwards
Operations Director

Meleisha Edwards is an award-winning writer/producer, with multiple award credits for several films. Most recently, Meleisha won the Finishing Fund Award from the Tennessee Entertainment Commission, along with her co-director, Mary McCallum, for her directorial debut feature film, SingleVille, in March 2018. She also won "Best Short Film" for the NAFCA awards, also known as the African Oscars, for her multi-award winning short film, In The Spotlight. Her debut film, Masquerade, has also won several awards across the country.
Meleisha co-founded her production company, ET AL Films, along with her business partner, Asher Turney, in 2016. She has produced over 15 multimedia projects including webseries, music videos, documentaries, shorts, and features. She recently was named producer for "Dark Girls 2", under the direction of documentarian, D. Channsin Berry. She is currently writing and producing 2 features, a new webseries, and a travel documentary.


Camp Director

Christin Baker is an award-winning director and Emmy nominated producer. She has been playing with video producing and storytelling since she was 13, after her family got their first VHS camcorder. She started out directing music videos and SNL parodies with the neighborhood kids and moved on to start her own digital distribution and production company, Tello focuses on stories for the lesbian/queer community. Tello Films is the first lesbian/queer network to receive an Emmy Nomination. The series Secs & EXECS has received a 2017 Emmy Nomination for Mindy Sterling, Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy/Drama Series. In 2019 the series "Riley Parra" received 2 Emmy nominations for actresses Liz Vassey and Carolyn Ratteray.


Christin just wrapped directing "I Hate New Year's" the follow-up to "Season of Love" which was the first Hallmark-esque Lesbian/Queer Holiday RomCom, coming out this Holiday season.



Camp Director

Ashley Arnold is an owner and Executive Producer of ClexaCon, DASH Productions and Tello Films. She served seven years in the U.S. military before attending Penn State University where she majored in public relations and began working in social media and marketing. At college she was heavily involved in social outreach initiatives and continues to be passionate about supporting women, LGBTQ people and other underrepresented communities.

Ashley is also a founding board member of The Visibility Fund, a 501c3 non profit organization that gives grants to filmmakers.

She was a producer on the recent LGBTQ+ women's holiday film "Season of Love" and a producer and 1st AD on "I Hate New Year's" which is set to be released later in 2020.

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